Mary's kitchen on Waiheke


Food with Flair, based on Waiheke Island, produces special occasion cakes, cup cakes, desserts and themed biscuits. Events might include:

  • weddings
  • birthdays
  • anniversaries 
  • any event worth celebrating!


My philosophy is that food should not only look wonderful but taste delicious and this dominates the creation of all your orders.  I  also feel strongly that personal choice should be incorporated into the design of food.  With these thoughts in mind, a selection of cakes, cupcakes, slices and desserts are ready to be made for your special event.

I am also very aware that certain people have particular dietary requirements. Hence I try to use all natural, organic ingredients and am happy to comply with clients' requests whether it be for gluten-free, lactose intolerance, seed-free or eggless items.

I make sure that only the best of ingredients are used including free-range eggs, New Zealand butter, fresh fruit, (from NZ of course) organic where possible and Belgian style chocolate. These make a huge difference to the flavours of everything I make.

I live where my commercial kitchen is and I work on my own.


Check out my gallery for a few  ideas, old and new.  Special photos turned into edible icing are still a really good option for birthdays and anniversaries and can be applied to buttercream, ganache and fondant icing. Naked, semi-naked and drizzle cakes are definitely proving very popular despite theming that happens for a lot of cakes.


The best way to find out how much your celebration cake, cupcakes etc will cost is to contact me as each one is different. I also provide a standard range of items, the cakes of which vary in price depending on the size. Items to consider that will attract an extra fee are: personalised messages, candles/ribbon, presentation platter and delivery. Don't hesitate to ask me.

What size of cake do you want? 

This cake portion guide is exactly what you need if you’re making a cake for an event or a wedding. While the cake flavor and decoration are important components of a cake, one of the most fundamental aspects of a cake is its size!

When making a cake from scratch for an important event, it’s crucial that it has the right number of servings. You want make sure every guest gets a slice. That’s where this cake portion guide comes into play.

What Is Considered A Serving Of Cake? Generally, I mean a slice of cake that is 4 inches tall, 1 inch wide, and 2 inches in length. This is for cakes to be served at parties or events. Strangely enough, the size of a cake serving for a wedding is smaller than a party cake serving! Cakes cut for parties are normally 1.5 inches wide. While this is a small difference in size, it’s important to note that a slice of cake at a party is bigger. This can impact the number of servings included below.

Impact of Cake Height on Number of Servings.

The standard size of a cake slice is definitely the golden standard. However, when a cake is a taller cake, about a 7 inch layer cake that is way taller than 4 inches, this can make cutting and serving a cake a lot more challenging. The height of a cake can be influenced by a lot of factors. It’s based on the number of cake layers used, the height of the cake layers, and the amount of buttercream between each layer.For tall cakes, it’s better to double the servings shown below, since those are based on a shorter cake (4 inches). I generally use four layers of cake in taller cakes.

Standard Layer Cake Servings: Once you know the number of servings you need, you can start to think about what size of cake you should have. If you don’t plan to have a tiered cake, things are quite a bit easier. A single-tiered layer cake has set number of servings. However, this can vary based on the shape of the cake or whether the cake is semi naked (semi naked cakes are taller than usual). For example, a square 8 inch cake will have more servings than a round 8 inch cake. Round and square cakes are by far the most common shapes. With that in mind, I chose to focus on these shapes in the diagram below. It includes the number of portions, based on the cake layer diameter:

In the past, I’ve made a tiered cake with 10 inch, 8 inch, 6 inch, and 4 inch tiers that fed 84 people. I’ve also made a cake with 12 inch, 9 inch, and 6 inch tiers that fed 120 people. It depends on how much your guests eat and if you want any cake left over. I’ve also made a two tiered, semi naked cake for a group of 50 and they just had enough whereas I made a similar cake for a group of 80 and they had ample! It’s very hard to predict sizes so it comes down to what you want.  

While part of picking the right size of cake comes down to having the right number of servings, it sadly isn’t that simple. This decision can also be influenced by the look you’re after.

Some people want a specific number of tiers, or a cake design that requires extra space between each tier.

For example, sometimes fresh flowers are added to my tiered wedding cakes. When this is done, it’s a good idea, but not essential, to have at least a 3-inch variance in the tiers (i.e. 12 inch, 9 inch, 6 inch). This creates a 1.5 inch ledge between the tiers, which leaves  enough room to position and secure the flowers onto the cake. I have to say it is not essential as the modern trend is to have flowers attached with “posy picks”, or other methods, using 10inch, 8inch and 6inch tiers.

  Cake Portion Guide: To figure out what size of tiers you should use for a big event or wedding, I highly recommend reviewing a cake portion guide, like this! It shares the number of servings of different sized tiered cakes.

This cake portion guide also shows combinations of different sized tiers, which is extremely helpful.

It’ll help you see what options you have for however many people you need to feed. This will also help you determine what makes the most sense with the cake design you plan to make. Keep in mind there are tons of other options for tiered cakes that aren’t included here, so don’t feel limited by this chart! These are simply the most common sized tiered cakes.